More INCREDIBLE FASHION at Paris Fashion week, this time by  Louis Vuitton, watched over by style directer Kim Jones. This year unlike any of the previous years, most fashion houses are taking the risk by redefining what an It man or the ultimate male, or any male as a matter of fact could dress like. pushing all boundaries, and most risks to very risky limits, this collection provides the same concept of reshaping the perception of menswear, coying with the element of surprise.

The LV collection plays with plenty of colour, prints, satin fabric, and a lot denim with respect to the spring summer feels. I believe this is one of my favourite menswear seasons, it is definitely one that has attracted my eye towards menswear fashion.

One factor that I absolutely love in this collection is the use of the satin fabric, as traditionally it has been known to be used for women’s lingerie and I thought it was such a surprising factor to have that fabric used in menswear. I also thought the romantic, and colourful embroidery was exquisite, as it added on to the feminine feel of this menswear collection, creating the ultimate breakthrough to the definition of masculine fashion.

So far the trend continues, designers go on bringing feminine designs, cuts, embroidery, and fabric to menswear this season. and Paris fashion week has seen this trend all over it’s runways. I only hope that this trend translates to street style, and that it is not abused throughout the rest of this fashion season.

Check out the images of the show below !