Personal : Living a healthier life

In times of living a fast and hectic life focusing on both professional career and family life, there are several physical and mental benefits associated with living a healthy lifestyle that can be useful to survive the daily rush.

Me personally I felt the urge to share some of these basic tips with all of you since they helped me a lot in the past year. I have always tried to eat quite healthy, because you tend to feel so much better and full of energy.

There is nothing more important than our body and mind, because if we lose any of these we lose it all. All of us are incredible motivated and ambitious to make the best of our lives and it all starts with a healthy lifestyle.


A healthy lifestyle starts with combining sports and the right food and snacks.

The list of benefits is endless, but paying attention to what you eat and a bit of sports results in not only physical benefits, but has a great impact on your mental life too. In the past I always got really hungry during the morning at work, but since I started drinking homemade shakes for breakfast I have a lot more energy. I try to eat healthy most of the time and I combine this with the right amount of sports.

Me personally I love to go to the gym or go for a morning run, but never without the right breakfast shake. Of course this is different for everyone, but I would love to know what kind of sports you like to do to stay fit.


With today’s hectic lifestyle, many people become so busy with everything that’s going on in their life that they forget to pay attention to their own personal health.

When combining a life filled with good health and fitness, you tend to feel more in control of your life.

A few months ago I decided to take more rest and focus on a healthy bed routine. This helped me a lot to structure my life and provided with me with a lot more energy that I needed to put into the countless amount of daily activities.

Beside the right food and enough sports, sleep is essential to give my body the energy it needs. (In the past I underestimate the importance of enough sleep and after some time I discovered the disadvantages of not taking care of my body. You need enough of sleep and the right amount of healthy food to be able to focus and keep on going all day long.)

Of course, this healthy lifestyle starts with the right attitude and equipment. I tried several things to find the right morning routine. After I saw other people driking shakes for breakfast, I decided to try this too. In the last few months my new Philips blenders were the perfect partners in crime to easily incorporate healthy food into my hectic life. If you think about starting a new healthy lifestyle, there a few recipes of some easy homemade shakes that you can find in my previous post.

I can’t stress the importance of a healthy lifestyle enough. I noticed that everything I do starts with feeling good about myself. All of this gives me the energy to make every day count and create unforgettable new adventures.

This article is made in collaboration with Philips