All (back) packed with Samsonite RED

Whatsup guys,

I’ve teamed up with Samsonite RED to explain a bite more about  their RED collection line for generation Y. After the giant succes in Asia it was time for Europe, the Benelux to be more specific. If you are born between 1982 and 1993 and your work and free time boundaries are very flexibel, well they got your back with this line.

When you’re off to a meeting, brunch, or just citytripping it’s the perfect companion to get you wherever you want.
Every RED bag has different compartments inside and outside, perfect to put all your belongings like tablets, phones, chargers,.. and they’re all rainproof.

The  bags are available in different sizes, shapes and colours and prices start at €79,00, u can find them online or in store.


This article was made in collaboration with Samsonite