Braun’s 9 in 1 grooming Kit

Hello Guys,

Today’s review will be about Braun’s 9 in 1 grooming Kit.
Braun understands what men need when it comes to grooming and styling. And yet again they fulfill that need with their “Braun All In One, grooming kit. ( MGK3080). As written on the box it’s a head to toe trimming set, and you literally don’t need anything else than this kit.


The box showcases all nine attachments covered in a hard molded transparent plastic packaging to resemble the all in one range. Every attachment covers specific grooming needs: two beard trimmers with variable precision length settings, two trimming combs for the tiny last millimeters of hair or beard, a foil attachment for body grooming, an ear & nose trimmer, a precision trimming for maximum style, and a clean shaving Gillette Fusion ProGlide razor with FlexBall technology are included.

This is great for having just one device to fit all your grooming jobs, fast and fuss-free. The original product packaging also includes a charger and a pouch for travelling.



Before using the device, you need to charge it for one hour.
The charging cable connects to the bottom part of the device and an LED indicator blinks when the device is charging. It will go to full green when the it’s fully charged.
I have a semi- full beard that’s already itching so it’s time to trim my beard and moustache as i’ve been so lazy to do so lately.
My first impression in holding the device handheld is really pleasant, thanks to the anti-slip rubber area you can easily move the device around your face.
Attaching the 3-11mm attachment is also quite straight-forward as it just slides and fits nicely.

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I usually use the shortest 3mm to evenly trim my whole beard, and moustache. The device glides smoothly and Braun’s sharp blades produce superior result.

My experience with the Braun multi grooming is almost perfect. I had Remington as my daily driver before Braun’s but in my opinion, Braun MGK3080 trimming experience is more superior than Remington. Both do the job well, but Braun’s lets me groom in shower and that’s definitely a step up from the Remington’ kit I used.

Braun multi grooming kit MGK3080 is intended for every men who wants to accomplish an all-around grooming job, and has the desire for a superior look and style with precise hair & beard trimming. Braun has established great credentials for its German quality craftsmanship along with a strong history of superior styling power.


The Braun multi grooming kit MGK3080 can be purchased online : – €69,99

This article is written in collaboration with Braun.