TRAVEL : Fun things to do in Mykonos

Hello Guys,

A couple weeks ago i got the chance to go to pretty Mykonos with Coca-Cola.
Mykonos is a Greek island part of the Cyclades,lying between Tinos, Syros and Naxos. The island is very known for it’s white houses.
Me and my best friend RAIA took a plane at 6 Am in the morning and took off to the the Island known for being visited by Paris Hilton, Kendall Jenner and many more.

In this article i will show you my favorite places and what you absolutely need to see !

Mykonos  is the most popular but also the most expensive Greek island (I bet you will spend more money than you expect to so bring extra money and credit cards ). This well known island attracts tourists all over the world.


Little Venice

As the name suggests, Little Venice Quarter is a section of Mykonos where the barrier between the buildings and the sea is nonexistent. Waves lap the sides of the charming houses, cafes and restaurants that sit elegantly perched on the water’s edge. Built during the 16th and 17th Centuries by wealthy sea merchants, Little Venice Quarter is situated on the western edge of Chora near Alevkantra beach. The romantic atmosphere and ethereal beauty of Little Venice Quarter make it a favorite hangout for artists who have recreated the scene in countless paintings.



The windmills of Mykonos constitute one of the most typical highlights of the Aegean Sea, famous all over the world. The impressive white windmills are located between the settlement of Little Venice and the neighborhood of Niochori. During the 17th and the 18th centuries the island had more than twenty windmills, which contributed to the wheat production, a fundamental element of the island’s economic development. Nowadays seven of them are maintained in decent condition.


One of Mykonos’ main gathering points for gay and straight alike. Throngs circulate from the retro-chic interior to the harbourfront, starting in early evening. There is a fab all-day outpost at Super Paradise Beach ( featuring restaurant, bar, pool and Jacuzzi.



Less flashy than Nammos but slicker than Alemagou, Scorpios is the newest addition to the island’s 24-hour party scene – a good tip for securing a place here is to check into nearby sister hotel San Giorgio. The beach bar is flanked by two bays (Kavos and Paraga), and the look – driftwood daybeds, wicker lampshades and terraces tiered by weathered stonewalls – is holistic chic. Tattooed waiters bring platters of chargrilled tomahawk steak with courgettes and mint. The party starts at sundown, with drummers in feathered headdresses and Yoruba priests spinning soul-jazz; it’s a bit like Burning Man on the Med, but with a cast of Victoria’s Secret models fuelled by mezcal cocktails. The rocky beach isn’t ideal, but who cares when the people watching is this sensational?

180° Sunset Bar

The arrival, which will be much discussed and much loved, 180º sunset bar-Mykonos, just outside Chora, is exactly what its name suggests. First of all, it brings something that is missing from the “puzzle” of the island: a relaxation lounge spot dedicated exclusively to sunsets. Inspired cocktails and quality drinks coexist with a modern, relaxing space and chill-out music with a result that fascinates. And all this with the magnificent views of Delos.


PS : When going to Mykonos, keep in mind that you will spend A LOT of money, the average cocktail price is €20,00.