My trip to South Tyrol

Ski Outfit - COLMAR

Hello Guys,
Today I will tell u about my skitrip to South-Tyrol from last month, yes I know what you’re thinking, it’s been a month and now I am writing about it :p But was busy moving to pretty Antwerp and changing my job so yeah…
So last month me and some other Male Influencers took off to North Italy, South Tyrol to be exact.

We took a plane to Venice, arrived in the afternoon and then we jumped on in a Taxi to get to our hotel.

Our hotel was located in Speikboden,
We stayed at “Feldmilla “ a designhotel in Speikboden, an area close to Campo Tures.
Feldmilla is the only 4 star design hotel in Campo Tures with only 5 minutes from the closest slopes.
Once arrived in our room with the must stunning bathroom I’ve seen so far we went back downstairs to enjoy some great food.

After being served some classy food, It was time to get to bed because we had a big day ahead of us.


The next morning it was time for some skiing, fully dressed and ski proof we went to the ski slopes in Campo Tures. With a big smile and a lot of energy we went up to the highest ski mountain. I haven’t done some skiing since I was like 12 but I was still convinced I was totally capable of going down.

Well I thought wrong, once on top of the mountain I got scared, I went down at full speed, I panicked, forgot everything and fell on my face… 6 times.
I couldn’t get off the mountain without falling or sliding down on my belly.
So after some screaming and falling I decided to take some lessons with my fellow blogger Homme Sauvage, who had never skied before.

So together we took some lessons. A couple of hours later we were totally ready to do it on our own! And we did it J J

We went up and down a couple of times and by the time we were really getting good at it, it was time to head to the bar to get some Hugo’s and a nice meal in a very special place.  


After a long day of skiing it was time to head to the bar were we had some Hugos ( a local drink). After 3 Hugos we went to the Iglo’s to have dinner. The iglo’s were located just in the middle of the skiing area !

We had dinner in the main iglo, tried out some local food, drank some hot water (never did that,but first time for everything).

After dinner we had jumped into the outdoor Jacuzzi and Sauna to enjoy the stars. After relaxing for a couple of hours it was time to go to sleep and yes we slept in an Iglo. I was really excited because I’ve never done it in my life.
It was a really nice experience but to be honest, I would never do it again.
I think I saw every hour on my alarm clock and had cold everywhere….

But again, a cool experience and something I could take of my bucket list !

The next day we had to wake up very early because we had a lot of stuff to do.
On the schedule was a hiking tour with a personal instructor. We had to put on some huge “racket kinda things “ on our feet so we could move very easily in the snow without going all the way down with our feet.
We hiked our way up the hills, after a hike of 1,5 hours we got some local and home made cheese in a cosy chalet. Then we went back down, which was way easier then our way up ! I really need to do some sports :p

When finally back down we had lunch and then we took the cable car to go back to our new hotel which was a 45min drive away from Campo Tures.

Our new hotel was a wellness hotel, “Hotel Santer” which apparently was founded by a Belgian woman from Ostend(seaside). Once arrived at our hotel we had some time to relax. We headed to the pool and Jacuzzi to enjoy some free time. The outside pool had a really pretty view over the mountains so it was perfect for some Instagram shots.
Time went by very fast because at 7 pm we already had to be ready for dinner and for our sledging ride.
We took once again the cable car, and on top of the mountain we had some pasta , fries and wine. After our heavy but delicious meal it was time to take the sledges and go all the way down. It was a cool but scary experience, because you had no lights and you had to steer and brake with your body/feet. And ofcourse I had to fall again ! But this time I fell really hard on my back so I decided to stop after the second ride :p But I had the most amazing time ever and I was such a great feeling going all the way down with that speed ! But as you know all good things come to an end and it was time to take that big flying thing to go back home.
Thanks to South Tyrol, Pure Agency and the other bloggers for such a great experience and time ! I enjoyed every second of it !

Interested in visiting South Tyrol?
Check out the websites below for more information and get ready to be blown away!