Luxury PJ’s with Maison Marcy

Hello Guys,

Today i’m gonna talk about my crush on these beautiful Pj’s from Maison Marcy.
Surprisingly, pajama dressing has remained a constant in fashion’s revolving door of trends. First, there were hints of it with silky bottoms and drawstring elastics one season

Inspired by the louche loungewear of the Twenties and Coco Chanel, the recent street-style trend for wearing one’s pyjamas in the daytime looks set to stick around.
Maison Marcy , a belgian brand founded in 2012 is a line of chic and trendy slumber wear, PJ’s and pants. The brand is both for men and women with a flair, to be both worn at home  as outside and totally in sync with the present mood and spirit  being the must haves for the happy few.
They are made with the greatest care, using two and three ply Pima cotton, pinpoint, poplins, oxford, satin, silk, mother of pearl buttons, bias, piping, embroderies and customization.

The line is conceived in a huge range of different fabrics, most with exclusive prints, plain or with stripeschecks, dots and in a wide range of DELICATE REFINED COLOURS.

A subtle blend of cool elegance  and  dandyesque aristocratic fantasy.

The quintessential dresscode for la crème de la crème.

If you haven’t bought these PJ’s you should do it now !


Pictures taken by Rafael Duarte