Get Going with the TomTom Touch Activity Tracker


Hello guys,

It’s a scientific prove that we live happier and healthier by moving more. For a lot of people it’s not always easy to find that perfect sport/work balance or even just to keep up with all the moving activity.

Today I will talk about TomTom Sports latest fitness tracker: The TomTom Touch

As you can see TomTom Sports has put a lot of effort into the design of the device to make sure it’s comfortable and that it won’t bother you while working out or wearing it for a long period.

One of the unique features of the device is the Body Composition Tracker.

The Body Composition tracker measures how much your body is made of fat and how much of muscles. So this gives a much better and clearer idea of how you are progressing in your overall fitness goals.


Now let’s take a look at the tracker itself…

On the front of the device you have 1 main button, actually the only button on the device, the rest other features are accessible by swiping the touchscreen up and down. The display is in black and white and the battery life is up to 5 days.

When you first tap the button, the first thing you’ll see is the time. One swipe down will show you how many steps you’ve already done, another one down will show you how many calories you’ve burned, the distance you’ve walked, and most important for me is that it shows you how many hours you’ve slept the night before!

When swiping the other way (up) you can see more of the tracking features.

It will start the activity features, when you swipe to the next one it will show you the unique body composition feature. Just put your finger on the metal detector and it scan your body information and will send that information to your companion app.

Another swipe up will show you your heart rate. The device has a sensor at the back to measure your heart rate and it gives an accurate reading when compared to similar heart-rate trackers.

About the APP

When you first open the app you’ll see a dashboard showing you everything that you’ve done so far. You can see your body composition which is to my opinion the most unique feature of the TomTom Touch fitness tracker. Next to that, you can see all the usual features of a fitness tracker up here including your steps from today and this week. This can be changed depending on what kind of goal you set.


Overall, I am impressed that TomTom Sports has added a unique body composition feature to their wearable gear! I’s a very good fitness tracking watch that will help you get in shape right before or just after the holidays 🙂

I hope you guys liked my review and let me know what you think about this new device!

You can shop the watch here