Travel in Colour with American Tourister

September, January, March and Juin, the only 2 words these months have in common is FASHION WEEK. You travel from one place to another to see the most amazing shows and to meet even more extraordinary. And for traveling you need…. SUITCASES.
When arriving at the airport my only fear is exceeding the luggage limit weight limit !
What’s worse then opening your suitcases and switching all your nicely folded and ironed designer clothes from one suitcase to the other due to limited space or when having just a few things?

In collaboration with American Tourister I made traveling  more fun with their new suitcases existing in lots of fun an bright colors.

As a fashion or shopaholic #travelertype a fancy and “spacy ” suitcases is the key item when traveling.So what’s better the American Tourister’s new Bon Air suitcases?
Inside the suitcase you have different parts so you can easily organize your clothes, it’s ultralight so you can put like LOADS but LOADS of clothes in it ! And it has a 3 number lock to secure your precious designer bags, and on top of that it has  360° spinner weels so you can run for that last train or your cab !
In love with American Tourister and their suitcases?
Well i got some good news for you guys ! You can WIN a set of 3 suitcases !
All u have to do is mentioning what kind of #travelingtype you are and who knows are you that lucky person walking fancy at the airport  !