Fancy Pantsy cocktails with Martini & backstage at the Grand Prix 2016

As you guys may know already i’ve been chosen as one of Martini’s ambassadors for Belgium. And i have to be honest i was really surprised when they asked me to be their ambassador . I went from being a “non Martini drinker” to a “daily Martini drinker”, so poor poor liver…

Well as an ambassador i was invited to the Grand Prix 2016 in Francorchamps to visit the mobile home of Felipe Massa and the rest of the Martini Racing team. I got a sneak peak behind the scenes and i was IMPRESSED ! I am not into racing and fast car but i have to say i was BLOWN AWAY ! There are so many things to see, i felt like a little kid in a candy story. I wanted to try and touch everything :p Fortunately we weren’t allowed to touch anything because otherwise there would be some damage afterwards :p.
We arrived in Liege at around 12pm , from there we left to Spa to visit the racing circuit and to take a look behind the whole racing scene ! (which was pretty impressive).

We got welcomed by the Martini crew with some fresh drinks and fingerfood !(which was the best i’ve ever tasted btw).
After the the lunch we got a little tour around the Racing Village, and yes it’s really a village, it has mobile homes the same size as my apartment or even bigger ! While wandering around we got passed by , by hotties as Lewis Hamilton. Afterwards we got a little tour at the Pitstop (where they check the car’s safety  and where they repair it when it has some technical problems).
After the tour was finished we headed to our hotel in the center of Liege. I stayed at the “Crown Plaza Hotel” A 4**** star hotel in the historical center of the city. It has a beautiful view over the city and a very nice Wellness area ! Definitely a must when in Liege!

At the hotel we got some time to relax and to get changed for the next event ! The Martini Terrazza ! In anticipation of that weekends upcoming Grand Prix 2016 Martini set up it’s Terrazza in front of the Guillemins station in Liege. An open and nice setting with summer beats, Italian antipasti (by Caffè Internazionale en Trattoria da Pino) and some fresh perfectly prepared Martini cocktails and last but not least a spectacular F1 simulator  where we got the chance to beat Felipe Massa and Vanina Ickx. Which was like impossible ! They held a little race and guess who won?… Felipe won with 1’51” from Vanina who ended with her 1’51” on the second place !
A couple of races and Martini’s later (and like really a lot of Martini’s) we headed back to our cosy hotel to get prepared for the Martini After Party that was held at Le Cadran.
It was definitely a experience i’ll never forget !

A BIG thanks to Martini and Pravda Pressroom for the amazing weekend !!