Beauty Routine With Weleda : Tested and approved : Weleda’s Men Active Shower gel !


Just like most of you guys I love taking showers and baths, and yes sometimes it happens that I stay in there for like half an hour. I hear you guys thinking “what a waste of water” but it’s really something I need to start my day fresh and relaxed. And everytime it’s hard for me to find the right shower gel, when at the supermarket I never know which one to choose. I mean there are like 1000 kinds of shower gels for the same amount of skin types… like waaaaay too much. I never use the same brand twice because in every shower gel there is something Idon’t like; the smell, the structure, too foamy or my skin gets too dry,… And everybody knows that a bad shower gel can damage your skin and most of them aren’t even good for the environment. 


Well thank god those days are over… A couple days ago I discovered Weleda’s Men Active Shower Gel, a shower gel that invigorates and refreshes my skin with some mild surfactants derived from the dried pulp of the coconut fruit and sugar, this gentle cleanser is biodegradable, non-toxic, residue free and well-tolerated by even the most sensitive skins and prevents dehydratation.



With 100% natural ingredients and the energizing scent of rosemary, this new shower gel is easy to rinse off and leaves my skin clean, refreshed and soft.


All Weleda products are eco friendly so I don’t need to feel bad anymore while taking a shower (except when showering for 20min… ).

 Just because our skin is thicker and tougher than a woman’s doesn’t mean we don’t deserve some tender loving care. Weleda has some other great products to spoil our skin with. I tested the Shaving Cream, Aftershave Balm and Moisture Cream. 


unspecified-15The Shaving Cream 


 Everytime I need to shave I always cut myself several times. With this shaving cream, your skin gets prepared for shaving and protected from cuts. It’s a skin softening, wet shave treatment for sensitive skin. With smooth skin and an enticing herbal scent, there’s no need to be sensitive about feeling and looking so good.

 How to use 

 Moisten the face and shaving brush with luke warm water.  Apply Shaving Cream to the brush, spread over the face and brush to a foam. Or when you don’t have a shaving brush, do it like I do and apply the shaving cream to the hands and work into a lather before applying to the face. After shaving, rinse off with luke warm water.


The aftershave

 After shaving or just “damaging” your skin needs some rest and has to repair. 

Weleda After Shave Balm will gently soothe your freshly shaven skin with some protective moisture of light and fast absorbing balm. It’s a cool moisturizer that leaves your face looking and feeling smooth after every shave. 


 How to use

After shaving, poor into the palm of your hand and spread smoothly over the chin, neck and cheeks.


Weleda_Moisture_Cream_for_Men_30ml_1384518968The Moisture Cream

 When having a dry skin, this cream is light and powerful and will hydrate and refine your skin day and night. It’s a light cream which I like very much because it absorbs quickly t, eases skin tightness and leaves your skin touchably soft  🙂 

The cream contains  marshmallow root extract to soothen your skin and calm irritations, organic jojoba will help  to improve your skin’s elasticity.

Your face will feel comfortably soft and smooth and will be nourished and relaxed. 

 How to Use 

 Apply the cream in the morning and evening to shaved skin on the face and neck, and gently massage in. Use only as much Moisture Cream as the skin can easily absorb. Best in combination with the Weleda Shaving Cream and Aftershave.

So guys I really hope you liked my review about these new products and I’m more than excited to know what you think about it after trying it yourselves !! Let me know !!