Diesel celebrates 30th anniversary in Japan

It’s crazy to think that it’s already been 30 years since Renzo Rosso, a young farmer’s son, convinced an Italian low-price jeans company to set up a premium line, taking it’s name after the alternative fuel type DIESEL during the mid-seventies OPEC oil crisis. Denim was just gaining its popularity and Rosso saw the potential of a brand that would elevate the humble jean to a whole new level – and a much higher price.  Contrary to established thinking at the time, he pioneered the whole concept of ‘vintage’, developing stone-washing techniques thatgave jeans the look of a well-loved pair from the very beginning.  The brand grew exponentially over the next decades, with Diesel becoming the go-to label for casual wear across the globe by the end of the century.

Three decades and a hell of a lot of denim later, DIESEL is once again at the forefront of fashion. Italian-Japanese creative director Nicola Formichetti has re-booted the seasoned brand launching an aggressive online marketing strategy and forward-looking designs for the new globalized generation. To mark their 30th anniversary he has announced an official fashion show and exhibition in Tokyo on September 6th, in addition to their Milan showcase

On September 6, the brand will present the Autumn Winter 2016-17 collection in Tokyo with an exclusive fashion show. The show will be followed by a party. “I’ve always loved Japan” said Renzo Rosso founder of Diesel. “I have visited the country often as well as my design team to research the market, thus we can easily say it has an important role in the success of our brand. I would like to dedicate this anniversary to my Japanese supporters that are contunuosly encouraging us to do better”.

For the occasion, the Creative Director Nicola Formichetti is organising an exhibition that will focus on the brand’s looks from 1978 to present days.

In conjunction with the big event, Diesel will also launch two capsule collections dedicated to denim that will be available from September 6 and maybe it’s time to book that late-summer trip to the Far East. For more info, go to DIESEL.com

Discover the first images of the Capsule Collection below !