Missoni Men’s Spring 2017

A trip to Guatemala was on Angela Missoni’s mind as she conceived her spring collection, bathed in a rich palette of contrasting colors and patterns harkening back to Guatemalan traditional costumes. “It was the first trip I took with my mother. I was 15, and I have wanted to go back ever since,” the designer divulged backstage.
This translated into a run of relaxed silhouettes made of loose T-shirts, Bermuda shorts and long scarves wrapped around the models’ waists as ethnic belts.
Missoni also embroidered loosely knit sweaters with colorful quetzals, the country’s national bird, which in one instance were worn inside a pair of cropped, bell-shaped denim trousers. The jazzy birds reappeared woven into V-neck vests and as camouflage prints on utility jackets, accentuating the collection’s happy-cute vibe.
As the show progressed, the lineup steered dramatically into gaucho territory. Cue Western shirts and blousons embroidered with gold and silver threads, worn inside trimmed white denim pants, matched with cropped pointy toe boots and gaucho hats. Missoni lovingly referred to them as her “Gautemalan cowboys.”