Canali RTW Men’s Spring 2017

Following the exit of its creative director Andrea Pompilio, the Canali  design team did not take any aesthetic risks for spring and paraded a charmingly subdued collection strong on lightweight fabrics. Pleated trousers came in a liquid silk and linen, while a handsomely textured summer tweed took the weight off double-breasted day suits and evening jackets, while keeping a stalwart character.

Trench coats in breezy technical materials looked modern and cool when matched with the brand’s leather sneakers and those liquid pants. A series of deerskin blousons, so thin they were worn in lieu of a shirt under suit jackets, also made this is a trans-seasonal collection. With small belt bags attached to cinched waists as the the only visual extravaganza here, the purified look essentially felt very Canali. Elisabetta Canali, in charge of global communications at the family owned brand, said she was in no rush of finding a substitute for Pompilio. “What we need is to develop creativity without outside advice. And we need to trust and believe in what we do,” she smiled.