Review : Chanel Allure Homme Sport Cologne

I guess you guys have seen already that pretty commercial of Chanel latest perfume “Allure Homme Sport Cologne “? Well just like the commercial , the new perfume is just PERFECT !!
The Allure Homme Sport Cologne was introduced first in 2007, and is unlike its former version. The cologne version comes in a transparent glass bottle and exudes an invigorating top note of Sicilian mandarin.

The cologne can gratify a citrus lover’s penchant for fresh perfumes with its unique concoction of spicy, lemony and sweet extracts. The cologne opens to a blast of mandarin, orange, bergamot and neroli extracts, which make this fragrance an ideal post-gym wear.

At the heart of this cologne are intensive notes of pepper, fir resin and elemi resin. The spicy extracts of the heart notes transform the sweet-sour after smell of lime into a sharp and long lasting fragrance. The base notes are, however, unique; they define Chanel’s love affair with oudh fragrances. The base notes are a sweet and long-lasting concoction of tonka bean, Atlas cedar, vetiver and white musk with a hint of white pepper.


To celebrate this cologne, Chanel launched a new ad campaign directed by renowned photographer Jacob Sutton. Stunning as ever, it features three new faces – Hugo Parisi, who is a professional diver from Brazil, Adam Crigler – an American skateboarder and Luke Grimes, a young American actor.
In line with Allure Homme Sport’s go-to attitude, the three professionals in the campaign are seen matching up with each other’s adrenaline rush amidst nature.

Here is a glimpse of Allure Homme Sport Cologne’s new ad campaign:

The cologne is available in two new sizes of 50 ml and 100 ml.