Timberland boat shoe trip

Last week i went to pretty Amsterdam to celebrate the launch of the Timberland Boat Shoes.

I already hear u thinking “ wait don’t they already exist ? “ , well yes indeed they already exist, but this time they released them in some new fancy pantsy pastel colors.

Arrived in the afternoon,  checked in at Lloyd Hotel and had the nicest talk with that sweet lady at the reception. When entering my room i had this immediate crush, it was literally the cutest room i’ve ever seen. It had that “ old vintage/romantic American feeling “ , some  vintage furniture, nice carpets and… a swing ! Yes you read it right i had a f*cking swing in my room. I had to try it immediately, and i felt like a little boy again !  I played with it for hours !! I had such a great time all by myself … on a swing 🙂 After talking to my fellow bloggers , i had the best room of the hotel !


We gathered together at 5pm close to the quays, where there was a boat waiting for us to take us to “lighthouse island”. A small island with as u can guess a … lighthouse and a cosy restaurant.


During our boat trip we had some drinks and chats with other bloggers/influencers from the Netherlands and we received our own boat shoes !! (i took the light blue ones btw).

After a 1hour trip we finally arrived on the island, got a short tour on the island and we discovered the latest Timberland SS16 collection. The restaurant on the island is open only twice a year ( winter and summer) and serves some 3 star meals!

After the dinner we went back to Amsterdam city, where we could write down our wishes on lampions and light them up.  Ours turned out quite well i think it went up and down… up …. and down again…, like 10 times.  We were freaking out that it would set a tree on fire. Buut it went up till it disappeared in the clouds.


It was already midnight so time to sleep… not exactly i enjoyed the swing before going to bed 🙂 :). I slept really good, but like really good, it was such a nice bed ! I didn’t want to get out of it. Expect for breakfast, because i love breakfasts in hotels. They are always good and i can never make the eggs at home as the way they do. So delicious !But enough about breakfast… it was unfortunately time to pack my bags and return home.

I had some time left, and visited the city centre, did some shopping, had a coffee and lunch with Matthias and Dries ( 2 other Belgian bloggers) before taking the train back to Brussels.

As u know all good things come to an end and even does this Timberland trip.

I had a amazing time with some amazing people and it was definitely something i’ll never forget.