Detox Denim with Atelier Noterman

Sustainable fashion was a hot topic last year in the fashion industry, producing the same amount of clothes but with less damage to mother nature. In 2015 a lot of fashion labels launched their ecological collections, think about H&M , Zara,… everybody unless the denim industry….

Until now ! Belgian men fashionlabel Atelier Noterman launched a jeans that will turn the whole denim industry upside down: DETOX DENIM.

To produce the detox denim you save 80% of water, 80% electricity and another 80% less toxic and bad chemicals then when producing a typical jeans. Even for the washing method ” Eco Wash” they barely use water.

When producing 1 kilos of jeans they normally waste 100L water, and to not even think about all those dirty chemicals that end up in our oceans and ecosystem.

So a big YAAAY and thanks to Atelier Noterman for helping our planet and let’s hope that big brands as Levi’s and Lee Cooper will take this Belgian Brand as an example.

Check the look below !