Chanel Hydra Beauty Flash collection




Overwork, stress, fatigue, cold, sun, seasonal changes, air conditioning, plane trips… All of these harsh conditions put skin to the test! And this shows on the face. Skin becomes dry and dull, with an uneven texture and visible pores. It gradually loses its natural beauty and radiance. Women  and also men these days need a “magic wand” that offers an instant beauty effect and hydration. A multipurpose miracle product that makes their lives easier.

As attentive to men & women as ever, CHANEL introduces HYDRA BEAUTY FLASH in 2016: a formula specially developed for strained skin in need of an instantly hydrating perfecting balm. Practical and portable, it gives skin an immediate boost, visibly reduces the appearance of surface irregularities, fine lines, pores and provides an unparalleled glow. It can be used whenever skin needs it, in the place of usual skincare, or at any time of day for a luminous and flawless complexion.


HYDRA BEAUTY FLASH, an instant correcting balm with an immediate effect, also boosts the hydrating and protective benefits delivered by the signature active ingredients of the HYDRA BEAUTY line. The exclusive* ultra-hydrating active ingredient, Camellia Alba PFA,** restores the hydration balance. It helps the skin retain water and prevents this water from escaping. Acting simultaneously on the skin’s main natural mechanisms of hydration, it helps skin restore and maintain optimal moisture levels at the heart of the cells. As for Blue Ginger PFA, a powerful antioxidant, it works to protect skin from free radicals and reinforce the cellular self-defense system. Skin is perfectly protected and fully hydrated. It is softer, more radiant and more resilient. It glows.

HYDRA BEAUTY FLASH instantly comforts skin, visibly reduces the appearance of imperfections and provides an unparalleled glow. With a rich formula, highly concentrated in moisturizing agents (shea and moringa butters), it delivers intense comfort and immediately smoothes the skin. Thanks to a combination of soft focus powders and pearlescent particles, it perfects and illuminates the complexion as soon as it is applied. The ultra-light soft focus powders work like magic to correct the appearance of imperfections with an immediate optical blurring effect. They diminish surface irregularities for an even texture, smoothed fine lines and less visible pores. The pearlescent particles are light-reflecting pigments that illuminate the complexion and boost radiance. Upon application, skin is soothed and comfortable, its texture is even and its surface refined. The complexion looks uniform and luminous.


Apply HYDRA BEAUTY FLASH in the morning to the entire face, either alone or after HYDRA BEAUTY Micro Sérum or la crème. Its rich texture gently melts onto the skin. Soft and silky, it is rapidly absorbed, leaving the skin velvety without an oily feeling or a hint of thickness.

Available online and at ICI PARIS XL & PLANET PARFUM €55,-



Always creating, always innovating, to always surprise.

With HYDRA BEAUTY LOTION VERY MOIST, CHANEL initiates a new generation of toners inspired by the high standards of Asian women. Their unique formula has been developed with the highest precision through the expertise of the French and Japanese laboratories of CHANEL Research. Their secret: a sophisticated, customized water perfectly compatible with skin.

As the first step in a beauty ritual, HYDRA BEAUTY LOTION VERY MOIST rebalances skin to fully preserve its barrier function. Formulated with a magnetic water complex, it penetrates the epidermis to release its active ingredients. Skin is moisturized, and its softness and elasticity are restored. It is ready to receive the benefits of the subsequent skincare steps in the ritual.


Through its knowledge of skin and its expertise in formulation, CHANEL Research has created the magnetic water complex: a scientific complex comprising mimetic elements which exert a force of attraction on water molecules within the skin.

The magnetic water complex has the power to structure water to improve its compatibility with, and availability to, the skin. Like a magnet, it attracts, captures and retains molecules of water, which become organized in concentric layers. Once structured in this way, the water molecules naturally merge with the skin. They optimally penetrate for intense, durable hydration. Like a vector for active ingredients, they act as a carrier to intensify the penetration of Camellia Alba PFA* and blue ginger extract.

molecules chanel1HOW TO USE

Morning and evening, apply the Lotion with fingers or a cotton pad to perfectly cleansed face and neck.

Available online and at ICI PARIS XL & PLANET PARFUM €51,-



In 2016 with the launch of HYDRA BEAUTY Micro Gel Yeux, CHANEL opens a new chapter in the microfluidic story that it successfully initiated in 2015. Like HYDRA BEAUTY Micro Sérum, HYDRA BEAUTY Micro Gel Yeux offers a unique sensory experience and reinforced performance in terms of moisturization and radiance.

An eye beauty basic, HYDRA BEAUTY Micro Gel Yeux is an essential step of a beauty ritual. The extreme finesse of its galenical camellia micro- droplets, specially formulated for the eye contour, provide skin with precious benefits. HYDRA BEAUTY Micro Gel Yeux is gently absorbed into the delicate eye contour area. Durably moisturized, intensely smoothed and visibly refreshed, eyes have never sparkled with such radiance.


Microfluidics is the science of manipulating fluids on a microscopic scale. This technology pairs two fluids to form micro-droplets of active ingredients within the formula. HYDRA BEAUTY Micro Gel Yeux offers a unique sensory experience combining the sensation of freshness and lightness of water with the gentleness of an emulsion for reinforced performance in hydration and radiance.


In a blend of moisturization and protection, HYDRA BEAUTY Micro Gel Yeux provides for the fundamental needs of skin and eye contour. It restores beauty overall while reducing dark circles and early wrinkles. Fully moisturized and ideally protected against free radicals – the enemies of a youthful appearance -, skin is less vulnerable to time’s damaging effects. It feels soft, silky and comfortable. Dehydration lines are filled and the signs of fatigue are reduced. Eyes are refreshed, smoothed and unified, and freshness, brightness and radiance are restored.


Apply HYDRA BEAUTY GEL YEUX morning and evening to the eye contour. Smooth from the inner corner outwards, below the eye and then on the eyelid. The HYDRA BEAUTY technique: gently pat with fingertips to stimulate microcirculation and to boost radiance.

Available online and at ICI PARIS XL & PLANET PARFUM €58,