Around the world with SWATCH

3 …2….1…. GO. When travelling to different countries I always bring some souvenirs home to remind me of all the beautiful place I’ve seen.

The best souvenirs are always the memories, or those “standard” ansich cards. You know the cards your grandma always wanted to receive, even when you’re just 3 days away…

193A6572Well forget all about that because now anno 2016 they’re better ways to take home from that beautiful county u have visited. Bring a SWATCH watch home from each holiday destination.Once back home each watch reminds u off all the great things u’ve seen and all the adventures u’ve had.The watch comes with an original “prior letter” box and on each bracelet u can find the “greetings from… “ and on the other side the city u’ve visited.

You can start your journey around the world just here and now. Where to go ? Milan, New York, Hong Kong, London or why not Paris, the city of love ? Pack your bags and get ready to meet the most amazing people and faces.

In Brussels you can find the most iconic boy of Brussels, “Manneken Pis” or “ketje from Brussels” to say it in “Brussels dialect”. The watch has a blue display and a golden picture of the little man with a red heart tattoed on his arm. The urine of the little guy is black, yellow and red. The color of our country.

Every box has his own stamp of destination , for Brussels its our Brussels sprouts, for Paris it might be the Eiffel tower ….The watch is available in the Swatch Megastore in the heart of Brussels, close to the Grote markt. One of the most famous places in Brussels. It’s a historical and UNESCO classified building renovated by Swatch but really happy they kept the authencity of the building.

When in Brussel you really have to make sure to visit the store, it’s really worth it!