CHANEL : La Solution 10: A case of minimal skincare

Sensitive skin is an issue that plagues many people through different phases of their lives that can become a constant battle. Using skincare products that contain superfluous ingredients or even the faintest hint of fragrance can often cause skin to flare up in a very unfavorable way. Skin can become sensitized in a number of ways in addition to reactions caused by product ingredients, including environmental pollution or high and steady stress levels.

Chanel recognized a need for a moisturizer that addresses the needs of sensitive skin without compromising on the overall experience of the product. Sticking with the belief that when it comes to sensitive skin, less is more, Chanel La Solution 10 de Chanel  was created as a moisturizing cream that contains the 10 most effective and soothing ingredients for sensitive skin.

The combination of silver needle tea extract (a type of white tea known for its de-stressing effect), shea butter extract and squalane help reinforce the skin’s defence against environmental stressors. The oil-free formula contains humectants, emulsifiers and glycerin to improve skin’s comfort levels and help retain moisture for a balanced appearance. While we have an appreciation for all Chanel skincare and cosmetics because they have a trademark smell, this moisturizer contains zero fragrance, meaning it won’t irritate your skin on account of being too perfumed.


I really appreciate the continued innovation and emergence of more skincare options geared towards sensitized skin. I’ve been under the assumption for years that “sensitive skin isn’t sexy” and luxury brands tend to stay away from these types of personal care items (a similar reason you don’t find scar creams or ointments at a luxury counter), but we appreciate Chanel realizing that sensitive skin is a very real issue and even though it may not be a whole lot better than a more affordable, basic sensitive skin cream, we appreciate the option of having it there.

If you’re interested in learning more about all 10 ingredients, there’s a handy pamphlet inside each box of this moisturizer that breaks down exactly what the 10 carefully selected ingredients are and how they benefit your sensitive skin. Chanel La Solution 10 de Chanel is available now at Chanel counters and exclusive perfume dealers. ( Ici Paris XL and Planet Parfum for 74 euro).