In the spotlights: Very Important Pixels

This brand deserves to be in the spotlights. Why ? Well it’s Belgian,and  they make awesome sweats and tees  with the most dopest portraits on it!

VIP is a  Belgian fashion brand and stands for Very important Pixels. The brand consists sweaters, t-shirts  and tanktops with the most iconic pixel portraits on it.

The Story 

The label was created only 1 year ago (!) by Kristof Saelen, a graphic designer from Mechelen. It all started with a design for some business cards with pixeled portraits of every employee. When Michael Jackson died, Kristof made a pixeled portrait of the King of Pop , that image went viral in no time and it convinced him to make his own collection with similar portraits.

The Technical skill

Originally the inspiration came from his love for 80’s video games. The design takes a lot of time, every portrait is handcrafted pixel per pixel. After making around 10 versions, he brings the best of those 10 designs into 1 work of art.

Check out their website and fall in love with Karl, Kanye, Anna Wintour, Will Smith  , Marylin Monroe  and many more.


Very Important Pixels_SS16_9

Very Important Pixels_SS16_2


 Prices T-shirt €40 / tanktop €40 / sweater €75