Annayake’s new duo fragrant TSUKIYO

In October 2015 ANNAYAKE is launched a new fragrant  duo TSUKIYO dedicated to the largest autumn festival in Japan – Tsukimi (or Otsukimi). The festival traditionally takes place on the first night of full Moon in September, when the Moon particularly light and round. Followers of this festival and the month of harvest gather in temples and public gardens where they drink ceremonial tea and read poetry under the moonlight.
Two brand new perfumes of the Annayake collection pay respect to the Moon by describing its various aspects. In Japanese calligraphy the Moon is presented with Enso character which is often connected with circle, symbol of light, endlessness, strength, elegance and richness of the Moon. Tsukiyo For Her and Tsukiyo for Him are limited editions which can be expected in Douglas stores starting from October 2015. Flacons take the characteristic shape of previous editions by Annayake (Miyabi Man, Miyabi Women, An’na Annayake, Kuroi, Shiroi).parfum1Tsukiyo for him  is a woody-spicy-musk fragrance inspired by the nights when the
moonlight colors the sky in indigo blue shades. This strong and dynamic masculine fragrance offers intense notes of black and pink pepper combined with cypress in the beginning. The heart develops aromas of elemi, benzoin and nutmeg, while the base is woody-musk (sandalwood, patchouli, vetiver, white musk, white cream). The fragrance is available as 100ml Eau de Toilette priced at 85 euro as limited edition.


Tsukiyo For Her is a floral, spicy, seductive and intoxicating fragrance inspired by evenings when the moonlight colors the sky in shades of amethyst, in a fascinating and seductive way. The composition starts with rose, mandarin and bergamot, followed by jasmine, peony and leather chords. The base is built around vanilla, styrax, patchouli and ambergris. The fragrance arrives as 100ml Eau de Parfum at the announced price of 79,95 eur as a limited edition.
Both fragrances available at Planet Parfum