Belvedere x SPECTRE

Belvedere, the world’s original luxury vodka, is delighted to be serving the legendary James Bond his vodka martini - marking a significant moment in the history of the iconic film series and the largest global partnership for Belvedere Vodka to date.

The World’s most luxurieus wodka brand, Belvedere released some special and limited editions for the new 007 SPECTRE movie, premiering in November.

The  2 limited edition bottles carry that special and iconic 007 SPECTRE logo and one the iconic revolver.  The collector’s edition will be available worldwide from September.

In Belgium it will be available in 70cl and 1.75 liters .  Even the famous Silver Saber bottles from Belvedere got a little make-over.  The Belvedere 007 Silver Saber was first seen or launched in December 2014 while offering them to some collectors.The SPECTRE collab is this far the biggest and most popular  they have done.


Belvedere is a brand of Polish rye vodka produced and distributed by LVMH. It is named after Belweder, the Polish presidential palace, whose illustration appears on its bottles. It is produced exclusively in Poland in the town of Żyrardów and has worldwide distribution.The brand was launched in the United States in 1996 as a “luxury” liquor and is marketed as the world’s first ‘super premium vodka


Belvedere Vodka also produces a line of flavored vodka, which it describes as Macerations. These flavors are not charcoal filtered, and are filtered through cellulose particle filters prior to bottling. This is done with the intention of ensuring essential oils that carry fruit flavors and give mouth feel are retained. The Belvedere Maceration product line includes: Mango Passion, Lemon Tea, Bloody Mary, Pink Grapefruit, Black Raspberry, Orange, and Citrus

Excellent choice Mr.Bond