H&M and Balmain Runway show

Yes, we still have to wait till Nov. 5 to shop the collection, but Tuesday’s epic Balmain x H&M runway was about so much more than the clothes.
Olivier Rousteing is brought his catwalk to life with the same showmanship he’s delivered for Balmain’s Fashion Week presentations, sparing no detail for his diffusion line with a two-level runway and a live performance from the Backstreet Boys. Add to that the #BalmainNation that was out in full force, including preshow appearances from Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, taking the red carpet before they stomped the runway in the collection’s embellished minis and pearl-adorned blazers, and it proves that this isn’t just the coolest collaboration, but perhaps the most buzzed-about runway show of the year.

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