Lacoste “René did it first” Capsule Collection

This season, LACOSTE pays specific tribute to the brand’s founder with an inspired collection whose strong message sounds like a slogan: René did it first . Inventing, imagining and creating new processes, relentlessly optimizing existing techniques…the brilliant and fruitful mind of René Lacoste is tireless, and many of his brainchildren revolutionized the sport to which his name will sta y forever linked: tennis.

The first LACOSTE polo shirt appeared in 1927. Today, it’s the cornerstone of the contemporary wardrobe and a staple of universal clothing. Felipe Oliveira Baptista echoes this success story in his capsule collection comprised of polo shirts, sweatshirts and sweaters. The idea came to him during an interview, when he spontaneously declared to a journalist who was unaware that René Lacoste had invented the polo shirt “René did it first!”. And so the idea took root: to brand this statement upon René Lacoste’s most popular invention: the polo shirt. “Tennis anyone?” “René” and “Gazon”… bold graphics humorously flaunted across zipped sweatshirts, jersey sweaters or polo shirts, each one a cheeky reference to the brand’s tennis-seeped roots.

This collection displays a totally 70s vintage sports spirit, the embodiment of self-deprecating chic itself .

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