David Beckham & Kevin Hart star in the new H&M Campaign

For his new H&M campaign, David Beckham has teamed up with actor and comedian Kevin Hart to give a humorous take on the world of Beckham himself. In the campaign, for the new Modern Essentials selected by David Beckham Fall 2015 collection, Hart plays a method actor preparing to take on the role of Beckham.

This year, as part of its long-term relationship with David, H&M launched Modern Essentials selected by David Beckham. It’s his pick of the wardrobe essentials a man needs each season, and this new Fall 2015 collection is available in every H&M store that sells menswear from the beginning of October.David-Beckham-and-Kevin-Hart-star-in-new-HM-campaign_fy1 David-Beckham-and-Kevin-Hart-star-in-new-HM-campaign_fy2 David-Beckham-and-Kevin-Hart-star-in-new-HM-campaign_fy3 David-Beckham-and-Kevin-Hart-star-in-new-HM-campaign_fy4 David-Beckham-and-Kevin-Hart-star-in-new-HM-campaign_fy5 David-Beckham-and-Kevin-Hart-star-in-new-HM-campaign_fy6 David-Beckham-and-Kevin-Hart-star-in-new-HM-campaign_fy7 David-Beckham-and-Kevin-Hart-star-in-new-HM-campaign_fy8 David-Beckham-and-Kevin-Hart-star-in-new-HM-campaign_fy9