Filippa K Spring/Summer 2016

“Understated Utility” is the explanation of the SS16 men’s collection of Filippa K. The stress of functionality with multiple hidden pockets, internal straps and stow away hoods is bordered with elements and details of fine tailoring. A mix of different materials have been used with crisp cotton poplins prominently used on jackets, shorts and trousers: bonded linens and cotton give coats a functional finish and the laminated paper-like wind parka is the lightweight highlight. For jerseys different blends of cotton with linen or silk have been used as well as some nice tencel wool qualities whereas for knits cashmere, viscose, organic cotton and linen yarns are the main materials.
The focus for SS16 lies on differens shades and combining black with off-white and beige tones. The bold block stripe styles underline the importance of these non-colors to create a compact modern look. To moderate this graphic expression we have added a variety of summer neutrals ranging from soft greens and blues to a washed out orange as the pop color.

Filippa-K_ss16_fy1 Filippa-K_ss16_fy2 Filippa-K_ss16_fy3 Filippa-K_ss16_fy4 Filippa-K_ss16_fy5 Filippa-K_ss16_fy6 Filippa-K_ss16_fy7 Filippa-K_ss16_fy8 Filippa-K_ss16_fy9 Filippa-K_ss16_fy10 Filippa-K_ss16_fy11 Filippa-K_ss16_fy12 Filippa-K_ss16_fy13 Filippa-K_ss16_fy14 Filippa-K_ss16_fy15 Filippa-K_ss16_fy16 Filippa-K_ss16_fy17 Filippa-K_ss16_fy18 Filippa-K_ss16_fy19 Filippa-K_ss16_fy20 Filippa-K_ss16_fy21 Filippa-K_ss16_fy22 Filippa-K_ss16_fy23 Filippa-K_ss16_fy24 Filippa-K_ss16_fy25 Filippa-K_ss16_fy26 Filippa-K_ss16_fy27 Filippa-K_ss16_fy28 Filippa-K_ss16_fy29 Filippa-K_ss16_fy30