R+Huberty A/W 2015 collection

R+HUBERTY is a belgian male fashion label that’s well known for its structured designs.

Street and architecture are the main influence of the designer who also interweaves Scandinavian and Asian culture in its collections.

The clash of raw and synthetic materials creates an avant-garde coupe.The designer Robin Huberty used a monochromatic color palette with timeless nuances in a strict geometry .

oth in his private and his professional life holds the R + HUBERTY man of pronounced fashion with a monochrome style.He is a visionary and is preparing his new fashion trends, patterns and colors in harmony with his own personality .Texture, comfort and originality are the main criteria of its choices.

Autumn/ Winter 2015 collection« FILTER »

The Autumn / Winter 2015 collection of R + HUBERTY was inspired by the Hungarian Berlin-based photographer , Adam Magyar .Like Robin is he choosing the spell of cities with a high technological content and men who live in the city.Robin Huberty with this collection illustrates the synergy between man and city through architectural sections , textures and embossing .


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