Lyrics from the theme to Paul Schrader’s haunting film «Cat People,» illustrating the audacious world where leopards lounge lazily in barren trees and arrogantly rule the plane–the world of the mythical Cat People. Half mortal, half leopard these creatures are doomed by their desires. Making love is complicated.

In the heat of their orgasms they are transformed into savage black leopards that kill their human lovers —a stunning metaphor for today’s world and the inspiration for Jean Paul Knott Fall/Winter 15/16.

To commemorate the label’s 15th year, Jean Paul Knott found a muse in Nastassja Kinski, the film’s lead actress, who artfully guides us through a dark world of forbidden passion. If the collection looks familiar, then you are correct. Jean Paul Knott has selected key elements from each season spanning 15 years.

Classic tailoring, expert draping and manipulation of the most desirable fabrics are punctuated with couture details synonymous with Jean Paul Knott.

A thrusting symphony of art, love and sensuality the Jean Paul Knott lifestyle is more than a concept. It is pure luxury. No words can describe the feeling of wearing an expertly tailored Jean Paul Knott coat or the emotions stirred by a silk dress with one seam, architecturally draped with precision to caress the body.

The colors are ever so Jean Paul Knott -black on black, white on black with a splash of blue. Prints are provided by Jean Paul Knott’s continued collaborations with global artists. This season we have hand painted pieces done by Zena Bou Diore, whose work has been prominently at the Jean Paul Knott Gallery. Taken directly from The Cat people, Jean Paul Knott uses a dark and arousing leopard print.