KOMONO : The California Collection

With the new “The California Collection” Belgian brand Komono brings an hommage to the Golden State.  The habitat where every second of the day strikes the golden hour !

A meeting place where the never ending deep blue of the Pacific becomes eternal with the golden sun and where the sky starts playing a transparant shadow game with the gray washed mountains in the desert. California is more than a state. California is a state of mind!

The California Collection is part of the Komono crafted, the high -end line of the Belgian accessory brand. It’s no secret that California is an inexhaustible source for inspiration

The line interprets the extraordinary landscapes not as contrasts, but plays with the gradual shades, mixing and shadows

The italian acetate frames, the stainless steel hinges, the CR-39 mirror lenses and timeless design are designed to chase after every sunset !

See you in Cally baby!

californiaSS15 - Renee_€119,95 californiaSS15 - Lulu_€119,95 californiaSS15 - Dreyfuss_€119,95 californiaSS15 - Clement_€119,95 californiaSS15 - Allen_€119,95 California - Lulu_€119,95 California - Allen - side_€119,95 California - Clement - €119,95