Let’s get inked

I’ve always had a thing for tattoo’s but i was always scared to get one just because i was never sure about my choice and once it’s inked it can’t be “uninked” ! And deep inside i’m just scared that it will hurt a lot. 

Now Montattoo has found a very stylish solution for all my and probably your fears. They designed a collection of temporary tattoo’s.

Montattoo is the youngest project of Monkey Monkey, a start-up that was founded in 2014 by Bram Laebens and Arend Pijls. The company already launched some successful projects like MyWoodCase and Fotocover.

The tattoo collection will be available online on July 6 and will contain 3 different collections , each collection designed by a tattoo artist ( Torah De Corte, Lisa Dumon  and Dries Verscheure) Next to those series you also have a Play collection with funny colorful tattoo’s and a Gold Collection with yeah … gold tattoo’s which is my personal favourite !

The collection is very playful , colorful and stylish and contains lots of quotes like: “Don’t worry be yoncé, wanderlust, freedom,…”  and pictures, like a pineapple, a radio, triangles, claws, birds,…

Just in time for summer , perfect time to show of with those hot bodies and tatoos from Montattoo!

Collection launch on Monday July 6.

Make sure you also check out there Facebook and Instagram and purchase your tattoo’s for only 9,99 on their webshop!

Montattoo-Lisa-temporary-tattoo04 Montattoo-fun-play-tattoo-06 Montattoo-Dries-Temporary-tattoo-010 Gold-flash-tattoo-montattoo-010 Gold-flash-tattoo-montattoo-07 Gold-flash-tattoo-montattoo-05 Gold-flash-tattoo-montattoo-03 Montattoo-toyah-birds-beetles-tattoo-temporary04