Kenzo SS16 Menswear Collection

Preparation is everything. At Kenzo, the need to be prepared is ever present, and the spinning geodes, one side rough and the other sparkling with stones, evoked adventure, uncharted expanses of sun-drenched landscapes. Successful traveling, particularly when departing on the kind of desert exploration that Carol Lim and Humberto Leon envisioned, depends on packing just the essentials.

The Kenzo Spring/Summer collection featured textured knits, parachute inspired suits, shirts, sweaters, and jump-suits.  The “Pull” graphic t-shirt was a cute reference to the inspiration, as were the sweaters: I’m not sure about the suits though.  The palette included sand or khaki, gray, yellow, army green, burnt golden rod, hot pink & spearmint (drawstring sweaters),  and just a touch of blue light wash denim.  The patchwork prints were beautiful, and the D-ring details gave it that touch of military  or base jumper.

Should you get stranded in a desert or dropped off on Tatooine, there would be far worse things than having this for a wardrobe.

Check out the collection below !

_KEN0045 _KEN0065



_KEN0117 _KEN0131










_KEN0273 _KEN0287




_KEN0325 _KEN0335




_KEN0389 _KEN0403






_KEN0477 _KEN0489