Belgium’s most popular festival Rock Werchter and Belgian fashion house JBC are working together on a special mens fashion collection.

The festival and fashion house both exist since 1975 , and they decided to celebrate that with a special occasion and what’s better than to celebrate it with a collection launch !

Bart Claes , CEO of JBC is a big Rock Werchter fan himself so the choice to start a collection together was quite easily made .  RW and JBC are both strong Belgian brands , so that makes them the perfect partners !

It’s a strong but subtile collection which focusses a lot on details that refer to the history of the festival.

In the lining of the blazer for example you can fine some images of some facts and figures about the festival and some prints on the inside of the shirts, the pockets of the jeans refer to the old logo and festival bracelets .

Apart from all that the collection contains a lot of black and grey with some other colors referring to the old Rock Werchter logo which makes the collection very rough and manly .

Inspired by that typical festival look it contains also a lot of denim,think about shorts, shirts, pants,… it took a lot of different washing methods to give it that precise Rock ‘n Roll look

All of the inspiration came from a book (Rock Werchter sinds 1975) , that was released for the 40th edition of the festival,that book contains a lot of  old pictures from the earlier years  but also some recents pictures of previous years, which was a huge inspiration source to design the collection


Above all that they got inspired by the typical “festival look”, a typical guy who loves rockmusic, (think abut, denim jeans, leather jackets ,white t-shirts,..) the collection is more an ‘all around “ collection , which means that you can where it on the festival itself but also when going for a walk in the city, meeting friends, doing some shopping… It’s perfect combinable with the everyday items in your closet.

The Festival and the fashion house also collected some nice stories from some famous Belgian Rock Wercher visitors/fans .  They are all collected in a mini magazine which you receive for free when purchasing a piece from the collection.


If you have your own story to tell about the festival  , you can write it down and send it to JBC on their website from May 27 and you may get a chance to win a Duo combiticket for Rock Werchter 2015.   GOOD LUCK !!

The Collection will be available from May 27 in all Belgian stores ! ..


JBC_Rockwerchter_HemdClose up2_Grey_€39,90 JBC_Rockwerchter_HemdClose up_Grey_€39,90JBC_Rockwerchter_Hemd_€39,90

JBC_Rockwerchter_HemdClose up_€39,90JBC_Rockwerchter_Sweater_€34,90

JBC_Rockwerchter_Short_€34,90 JBC_Rockwerchter_ShortClose up_€34,90


JBC_Rockwerchter_Broek_€44,90 JBC_Rockwerchter_BroekClose up2_€44,90