C H A N E L P A R T Y : N ° 5 E a u P r e m i è r e


On 5/5/2015 Chanel held this exclusive party to celebrate the release of their youngest perfume :Eau Premiere, and i’m more than happy that i was part of it.
The event, organized by Chanel and Elle Belgium took place on 5-5-2015 , coincidence ? I don’t think so, Mademoiselle Chanel’s lucky number was 5 and every event they launched was on the 5th of that month

They really took care of every tiny detail,the venue was decorated with all that fancy Chanel stuff 🙂 , in every corner you could find the Chanel logo, from the “CC” macarons to perfume dispensers in the toilets. At the venue itself there were plenty of activities, you could get your nails done, hair and make up, try all the different perfumes, and get a Chanel tattoo ( i had 2 of them ^_^).
Great music, awesome food and drinks, and i met some really cool and inspiring people, a night to remember.

Thanks a lot Chanel and Elle Belgium , i love you to bits
Below you can find some pictures of that night.

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