KENZOxSMETS exclusive sweater launch party

What if one of fashions most iconic brand like KENZO collaborate with Belgium’s most exclusive and famous concept store ?

The New “it” item is designed by Smets leading lady Pascaline Smets and the 2 creative directors of Kenzo ; Carol Lim and Humberto Leon.

And there is some love in the air because KENZO X SMETS is a match made in FASHION HEAVEN !!

The  Kenzo x Smets sweater is one of the highlights of the collection trilogy based on the oeuvre of  David Lynch.

The sweater got the name ” WILD AT HEART” and i have to admit  my heart is going pretty wild as i think about wednesday  night launch event.

With one of fashion most influent persons and bloggers it is one of the launch events of the year, with lots of alcohol, popcorn and FASHION.

I have  to say that this sweater will end up on your beloved little wish list as it’s just another of the amazing creations of Kenzo (Remember the tiger head? )

So go ahead, run and try to get your hands on one of these special  exemplars ASAP because they will be sold out in NO TIME

They are only available at SMETS PREMIUM STORE  in Brussels and Luxembourg SMETS Stores or online and on